Video player

This Boomla package contains a HTML5 video player based on video.js.


Example - empty

drop video here


  • upload your own video

  • custom poster image

  • autoplay on/off

  • loop on/off

  • mute on/off

  • custom aspect ratio

  • the playback rate (speed) is remembered within the website


Summary: the video player will work fine, it's okay to use it.

The app will try to load a script from a remote source, which is not allowed so it will fail. Because of this, you will see an error in the browser console - that's expected, ignore it.

The app uses some variable names (CSS) that are not completely namespaced. It could theoretically have compatibility issues with other packages - though very unlikely. You will most likely not be able to run it on the same page with other video.js based video players.